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Welcome to Aegis Locksmith Services, where unparalleled expertise in automotive locksmith services meets customer satisfaction. A Locksmith Specialist in luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen, we are committed to providing precise key replacements and advanced fob programming in affordable prices. Our reputation is built on professional, efficient Locksmith service and a customer-oriented approach, consistently praised in our glowing reviews. Trust us for reliable, expert solutions tailored to your  vehicle needs. 


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If you’re searching for “locksmith near me” it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced professional like Aegis Locksmith Services who can offer reliable and efficient services at a reasonable price. Whether you need assistance your car key or commercial lock, a local “locksmith near me” can help you get back to your day-to-day routine quickly and securely. 

Does your Mercedes key fob not working? you might need a new key made, The infrared component is very delicate and with time it might break. We can also make you an extra fob, this way you won't need to worry of being stranded ever again!

is it possible to make a key for my BMW? YES, we are Experts Key makers for German cars such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes and we can make keys and fobs for them even if you have no working key in hand! 

Call us now to get your fair priced quote and book your appointment!


Committed to providing Expert Locksmith Services with Fair Prices and Integrity

Both Spare key or Lost car key situations

Lost your car key or Fob? We can help you and make a new one!

Programming car Keys & Fobs

No towing needed, We are mobile locksmith service so we come directly to you and service you on the spot!

Honda key stuck in ignition and nothing you done took it out? Sounds like a faulty wafer and the Ignition needs a repair. We can easily fix or replace your ignition.

We Fix Honda, GM, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and many more ignitions!

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Land Rover make key land rover locksmith expert range rover make key
Maserati locksmith make key fob automotive locksmith european car locksmith

Can a locksmith program a key for Mercedes Benz? YES! A Mercedes Benz locksmith specialist has the right tools and knowledge to program Mercedes Keys but it is only possible up to 2014-2015 models*

Does your Mercedes ignition key won't turn? We got you!

Did you lose your Volkswagen key and the prices you're told over the phone are crazy high? 

Do you need an extra BMW fob? Or did you lose your BMW key?

Are all the quotes you are getting are high or sound unreliable with the "starting price" trap?

Are you looking for a Reliable and PROFESSIONAL locksmith?

Look no further, just give us a call and you will not regret it!

* Notes:

It is impossible to create fobs for Mercedes Benz models newer than 2014-2015. This is due to Benz enhancing their password security to 128-bit encryption, making it impossible for any existing computer to calculate.

BMW fobs for vehicles equipped with FEM and BDC systems can be replicated up to the 2020 model year. However, the newer BDC2 systems, as well as the G chassis vehicles, are exceptions and cannot be serviced by locksmiths due to their advanced security features.

These are 'Dealer Only' vehicles. We regret to inform you that no locksmith will be able to provide fobs for these specific years and models.

We hope this information saves you the time and effort of searching elsewhere.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email us!
470-756-0417 or

(470) 756-0417


Commercial locks and handles
Rekey & Master rekey
copy special keys
Repairs & Installations


Exclusive Offer: We provide a comprehensive 4-month warranty on both our parts and services, offering you peace of mind. This is double the duration typically offered by other companies.

Furthermore, we are committed to fair conduct. Therefore, after your warranty expires, we will offer you a 50% discount on our services*. This is our way of ensuring our customers always receive the best value and support.

*Our services encompass programming but do not cover the cost of parts and any applicable transactional fees. Generally, parts constitute a minor portion of the overall transaction, with exceptions including smart keys for brands such as Toyota/Lexus and Hyundai/Kia, as well as any specially ordered parts or fobs. Given the inherently high cost of these specific items, we are unable to offer discounts on them. We are committed to principles of integrity, fair pricing, and high-quality service, and we expect our customers to uphold these same values

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Locally operated and based! no call centers or operators, THE owner will be answering your questions!


We are a mobile locksmith service!

Yes, we come directly to you, saving you time, tow, money and worry. 



Just check out our reviews! we give the BEST customer service out there and our customers are always HAPPY!

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